Turf laying


Our turf laying team can create new lawns from scratch. Our team follow closely the following stages.

  • Remove large weeds by strimming and remove from site.

  • Treat remaining weeds with Clinic Ace or similar weedkiller.
  • Rotovate soil to remove large roots and heavy stones.
  • We level and compact the soil grading to avoid crowns and hollows.
  • For each, the emphasis is on preparation.
  • We use selected turfs from a local supplier within 3 days from cutting.
  • Once turf is laid the grass is watered twice a day to prevent turfs drying out.
  • First cutting carried out at 10 days.
Turfs delivered at 0940 Turfs unloaded 0953 Turf almost laid 1600 First cut after 12 days  
Turfs delivered at 0940 
Turfs unloaded 0953 
 Turf almost laid 1600
 First cut after 12 days


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