Our Services


Garden Services:


Installations of fixed garden items

We provide a five year guarantee for all installations and can site fix any permanent items such as:


  • Garden Offices
  • Pagodas
  • Decking
  • Swings
  • Timber and stone landscaping systems
  • Soft Landscaping
  • Garden Maintenance


Garden Offices

We manufacture and install high profile garden offices with insulation values that make them very cheap to heat in winter.

The offices are presented in kit form with all wiring, insulation, internal and external finishes, to be erected by your own builder or by our own technicians.



Many types of pagodas are available. Why not have us design and manufacture yours in our fully equipped workshop and then install on site.



We manufacture hardwood and softwood swings with a difference. View our Colonial Garden Swing manufactured in our Boyndlie workshop.


Visit: www.genius-designing.co.uk for photos.



We create individual decking systems to present your own personality to your garden. All the decking is formed from low maintenance timber using larch or oak decking and supports.


Timber and stone Landscaping systems

Our landscaping team can provide all hard and soft landscaping, utilising products made by our garden furniture division Genius-Designing.co.uk.


Please see our Garden Furniture Portfolio at: Genius-Designing.co.uk


We are also trained in construction of dry stone dykes.


Soft Landscaping

We can provide help and advice on improved layouts to make your garden more manageable. We can also manage your project giving advice on plant types and foliage suitable for your garden and soil type.


Garden Maintenance

Since 2012, we have been building our garden maintenance service. We can care for grass cutting, lawn treatments, and general weeding. When we work on your property, you treat us as your personal gardener for the time slot you have paid for.


Just because: "We love your lawn!"