Pruning and weeding


Q. What is the best method for pruning/weeding?


A. Basically a little but often. Aim to do all pruning while the genes of the plant are at their strongest. This is during spring and summer.


Weeding is a universally unwanted pastime, but with a bit of timekeeping and discipline, an average sized garden can be weeded in 2 hours every week.


What better satisfaction to sit in your garden and enjoy a summer evening eating and drinking with friends.


We do weeding for all our customers. We give all new contracts an initial weed removal then every week or two depending on growth rate.


We clear weeds from paths at the same time as we cut grass. We use “Clinic Ace” weed killer on paths, but only where there are no pets or children and customers approve of its use.


Call us or select “Support Ticket” to find out about our pruning and weeding program.