Nitrogen and your lawn


Q. How do I know my lawn is low in nitrogen?



A. You don't without taking a soil samples and testing. However there are some tell-tale signs you can see for yourself.


1. From the photo on the left you can see finer grasses are dominant and very short and yellow.


2. Perennial weeds such as ragwort and clover are spreading across the lawn.


Clover in particular is abundant when soil is nitrogen deficient. In fact the roots will store nitrogen from the soil making the soil more easy to grow in.




Q. How do you get nitrogen back into the soil?



A. We use a NPK fertilizer very rich in nitrogen in the proportion of 15-0-5. Care needs to be taken with this method as the fertilizer will “burn” fine grasses, so we “water in” the fertilizer straight after application.


As you can see from the photo on the right, the clover is disappearing and grass is greener and thicker. All this has occurred in just eight days.


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