Moss problem?



Q. How do I get rid of moss?



A. Moss is a feature of bad drainage. This can be relieved by aeration, the process of creating 4-6” deep holes in a grid pattern across the affected area. The rain will soak through the top layer of soil leaving a relatively drier surface where the moss will gradually diminish. Repeated treatment may be required. The holes created will also encourage deeper root growth and grass will be stronger.


We can also use a nitrogen fertilizer with ferrous sulphate included. The ferrous sulphate will burn the moss but leave "bare" patches in the lawn. The nitrogen in the fertilizer will prevent the moss regrowing and green up the turf. It will take a few weeks for the grass to colonize the burnt areas.



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Of course some lawns may require more extensive work to remove excess rain from the surface, such as land drainage followed by re-turfing.