Our Team





John Crook, Proprietor, Genius Property.

John has been a keen gardener for many years. He started Genius Property in 2010 after running other construction and remedial companies. Genius Property are property maintenance specialists. We started the gardening division in 2012 and have a growing list of satisfied customers.

With our new company Genius Property Teamcare LTD managing all franchises and licensor for Turfheads products and services, we are going to be able to increase the scope of our business.






Bonnie, Collie (2004-2016).

Bonnie joined our team in 2007 when she was 2 1/2. She likes traveling in the van, eating out (and in the van), she has a good sense of humour (and smell), she likes a good walk when she gets on the job, she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve (seeing is believing) and of course, loves gardening (especially digging). And, she has her own website, which she is keen for people to see (www.walkyourdog.eu). She definitely does not do dogs, unless they are polite to her. Then they are ok.


Maksims Mavro, Franchisee, Genius Property LV.

Max joined our team in October 2014.




Simba, GSD x Lurcher.

Simba joined our team in May 2016. He is a great companion, even though he is basically a wild dog with a very handsome veneer. He is a great guard dog and frightens people with their dogs when they walk past the van. He likes a good chew on invoice books and has won our respect. He is adored by our customers, who give him treats. He is a great companion to John on his hill walking holidays.


Andrew Coull.

Andrew joined our team in September 2017.


Victors Neratnis.

Victors joined our team in April 2018.